UX Design and Metaverse

Nikeland, Nike’s metaverse
Nikeland, Nike’s metaverse
VR Metaverse ‘Horizon Worlds’
Pangaia’s digital storytelling platform created by AnamXR and the Fashion Innovation Agency.
Batman: Arkham Knight
World of Warcraft
Job Simulator
  1. Button click: The character moves to a certain point, and when it moves towards an object
  2. Walk to: we can imagine that the action of walking towards an area represents an action of the user with this specific object.
  3. Mouse: the movement of the mouse with feedback and information about what the user can do by clicking to this specific point.
  1. We must guide the attention visually.



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Silvia Natale

Silvia Natale

Hello :) I’m a young product and interaction designer. I love to improve the experience of the connection between people and technology